Robert Strong Robert Strong: Rob grew up hunting the grain stubble fields of the Lower Klamath and Tule Lake refuges in Southern Oregon and Northern California chasing giant honkers, mallards, and speckle-belly geese. Rob also spent countless hours as a youth fly fishing for finicky trout in famous Oregon waters like the Klamath, Wood and Williamson Rivers, honing skills for the steelhead of the northwest he would encounter later in life. A waterfowl junkie, Rob took up contest duck and goose calling as a pastime between seasons and had no idea how far it would take him - Winning the Washington State Duck calling Championship 4 times and placing 2nd runner up at the 2005 World Duck Calling Championship in Stuttgart, Arkansas. “I truly enjoy taking people hunting and fishing, I get the same excitement watching people shoot their first goose or catch their first steelhead, like it was my first time all over again! That's what keeps me going!"

Troy Taylor Troy Taylor: Troy was born and Raised in Minnesota, the land of a thousand lakes, a great place to get a start duck hunting at an early age. An engineer by trade Troy took an interest in making a better duck call for himself, which eventually turned into a prospering business. Applying science and physics to call making, he's designed calls that are ultra efficient to operate and extremely realistic to true life sounds. Troy used his own calls to win the Washington State Duck Calling Championship twice. He has also earned call maker of the year honors, with his duck calls winning numerous championships at the NWTF's annual call makers contest, where call makers from across the continent compete for top honors in craftsmanship and sound quality.


Josh Schwint Josh Schwint: Our young gun with his eyes on the sky. A local Quincy farmer and Ruckus guide who scouts our fields daily. He knows where the birds are so we can get you on them!





Cooper 'Coop' Wicks Cooper "Coop" Wicks: Coop is another one of our young guns getting it done on a weekly basis. At a young age he already shows the signs of a seasoned vet. Under the tutelage of his father Randy, Coop has logged more hours in the blind than most guys twice his age! We expect a bright future and a lot of smoking barrels with Coop on the Ruckus Team!








Goose/Duck: $250 a day
Salmon/Steelhead/Trout: $225 a day for one person or $350 for two people

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